Interdisciplinary work

Adria Pecora. 2014.
Everything and Nothing (No. II).
Archival pigment print on paper;
26” x 45" (66,04 x 114,3 cm).

Excerpt from a print series from original collages of shredded information.

Adria Pecora. 2014.
Letters to M.N. (No. IV).
Set of archival pigment prints on silver paper mounted on aluminum;

6” x 6” (15,24 x 15,24 cm).
Series of digital prints generated from coded computer processing.

Adria Pecora. 2008.
Screens (Nos. XII; XVI).
Sumi ink on board;

16” x 20” (40,64 x 50,08 cm).

Adria Pecora. 2008-16.
Excerpts from, Days.
Interface with a daytime serial.

06.11.10 (Marie Two Times). 2016.
Photomontage of a serial character
in 2010 flashback to 1965.
Free-standing archival digital print in acrylic;
12" x 10" (30 x 25 cm).

06.25.10. 2016.
Montage drawn from 45 years of archival footage
to eulogize a principal cast member.
Running time 0:14:00.

06.22.08. 2010.
Commercials from an episode compressed into one minute.
Running time 0:1:00.

05.13.14. 2014.
Seven stacked double-sided monoprints on steel;
6" x 12" (15,24 x 30,48 cm).

06.13.12. 2014.
Excerpt from, Book of Days.
Set of unbound archival digital prints on paper with letter press debossing; 5" x 9" (12,7 x 22,86 cm).

Adria Pecora. 2010.
Site-specific installations from the solo exhibit, Exchanges, held at The Icehouse, Phoenix.

Artist, Pete Deise lights artwork in the atrium.

Like Rain. 2010.
Aluminum mobile; approx diameter 40’ x 10’ (1219,12 x 304,8 cm).

Letters to M.N. 2010.
Aluminum mobile; approx diameter 30’ x 20’ (914 x 609,6 cm).
Photo credit: Tom Marrs.

Adria Pecora. 2007.
Nets (SMoCA). 
Site-specific cord-based sculpture.
SMoCA permanent collection.
Photo credit: Michael Lundgren.

Drawing station with prints. 
Desk 36” x 36” x 42” (91,44 x 91,44 x 106,68 cm).
Set of 50 digital prints on transparent paper with laminate; 5” x 7” (12.7 x 17.78cm).

SMoCA permanent collection.

Original drawing in marker on vellum.

Excerpted from the exhibit, Drawing Outside the Lines, curated by Cassandra Coblentz for Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Adria Pecora. 2007.
Nets (Experimental Arts Festival).
Adria Pecora. 2007.
Nets (City of Phoenix).
Organized by Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker,
City of Phoenix Public Art.

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